Some of the nicest venues are tucked away in little hamlets. The Ridge Social Eatery is in Roseville, a The Ridge Songwriters nightcommunity about 10 minutes south of Kitchener. It boasts a gourmet menu, a roster of craft beers, and friendly staff to serve you.


The Ridge Open Mic has a relaxed atmosphere, hosted by Dennis Napper, who is also willing to collaborate if you happen to need some bass or guitar. If you arrive at 6:00 pm (the time on the poster) you’ll have time to settle in, eat, have a drink before the music gets started sometime between 7:00 and 8:00. And although it is billed as a Songwriters Night, covers are welcome.


Watch for news from Dennis about his new live music venue opening in Kitchener this spring: Rhapsody Barrel Bar.

[The Ridge Social Eatery,3215 Roseville Road, Ayr; Tuesdays 6-10 pm]