Here is a venue that has seen various incarnations of jams and open stages over the years. The current version has been hosted by the sweet-voiced Sara McFadzean for the past few months, with David Wilcox on sound. I visited on aparticularly quiet night but Sara tells me that it can range from standing room only packed house to an intimate gathering of musicians and listeners. There is a late wave of participants who tend to arrive at 10:30-11:00; a contingent of musicians who are also hockey fans arrive in time for some post-game jamming. There is a sound system to plug into and, when things are in full swing, a band to back you up if you choose. A wide range of music is welcome, from original compositions to traditional folk songs to rock & roll.

I left promising myself a return visit to jam with the house band.

[Shepherd’s Pub, 8 Mill Street, Elora; every Thursday evening until late]