Venue: Open Mic at the Magnolia Café, Guelph ON

MagnoliaMany new open stages have a modest start, a few people come out, words gets around and the event gradually builds a following. Not so with this newest addition to the Guelph “shared music” scene. The inaugural open mic at the Magnolia Café, hosted by Ian Reid, was launched with a full complement of players and listeners – every seat filled! If the first night is any indication, this is definitely a “listening room”. The audience was everything you’d want (attentive, appreciative, supportive), the music was entertaining and the food was delicious.

Mo n Mike Peter L 2

The open mic will continue every Tuesday 7-9pm (sign up starts at 6:30), $2 cover if you’re not performing. Congrats, Ian, on a great opening night!

magnolia 2


[Magnolia Café, 88 Yarmouth Street, Guelph; Tuesday 7-9 pm, $2 cover unless performing]

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  1. Claire

    Your “La Vie en Rose” and the “Your love is a Stereo” were fantastic, Julie! And this site is really appreciated!

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