Venue: Molly Blooms, Guelph

This relatively new open stage (started 3-4 months ago) features original song writing, stepping into the gap left by Manhattan’s where the Songwriters Café used to take place on Monday evenings.  Not at all the same tone, it has attracted some of the regulars from that venue.  Hosting duties are shared by a few people, including Mo Kauffey (our host this week) and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Brown.

It took some asking around to find out how to be included on the list of performers – no sign up list, just need to locate the host for the evening and ask.  The venue is quite friendly but boisterous.  Musicians should come prepared to play something energetic enough to compete with the loud ambient bar sounds.  All are welcome to play and the line-up included polished performers as well as those having trouble not falling off the bar stool.  But the general feeling was that each person has something to share and was given the spotlight for three songs.

Thanks to those who made me feel welcome and even gave me the use of a guitar for a few songs!

[Molly Blooms no longer hosting songwriters on Monday nights – check out their weekend jam session. Molly Blooms, 91 Wyndham St N, Guelph, every Monday night, around 8:30-11:30 pm]


  1. daniel richard

    so things have changed a bit . the night now includes a 3 piece drum kit an in house bass as well as a sign up list lol. the” pho fire place” has change the vibe a bit . we also have extended the hours from 9 ish to 130 am so there is plenty of time for all . it also has one host ” yours truly”with the odd guest host.amber mclean. the pub has a tuesday night event now called ” localy live” where the writers and preformers who play on the monday night or the thursday night open stage hosted by kent smith could be asked to come and play as a feature. hope to see you there again musicaly yours DANIEL RICHARD.

  2. Julie

    Thanks for the update, Daniel. I’ll have to visit again sometime- bring my songs that are longing for a rhythm section!

  3. smarty mcfee

    this is phony

  4. baby bird

    i agree this is for losers. this place shouldn’t even be open

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