Venue: Mill Race Folk Club Singaround, Cambridge ON

Needing an antidote to a weekend filled with minor sports and arena vibes I headed to Cambridge for the Mill Race Folk Club Singaround. The Singaround is just one branch of a thriving tree full of music events supported by the Mill Race Folk Society. Every August Cambridge draws thousands of guests to the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music. There is a concert series at Café 13 (up next is the Saturday Saints on February 24th) and English Music Sessions at the Golden Kiwi.

Although the Mill Race Folk Society is primarily interested in traditional folk music, the Saturday night Singaround welcomes any (acoustic) genres. Ballads, Beatles and blues all had their time in the spotlight with a few original compositions for good measure. Barry Cull was our host for the evening, a responsibility that has rotated through different members since the group began meeting in January 1994. The atmosphere is low key and relaxed.  For more info about the Mill Race events and upcoming Singaround dates visit their website:

[Mill Race Folk Club Singaround, 4 Veteran’s Way, corner of Ainslie & Walnut, Cambridge; usually every other Saturday 8 – 11 pm, $3 cover]

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  1. Hilmi

    hey joe I miss the store to it was my first job and it became a rotinue spot for me. i allways dreamed of workig for a organization that could always benifit the community.and i found goodwill was able to do that. i always remember you talking about how it began and how it was looked opon to be but now it really is a a rememberence of the summers we spent with the people of galt and the rest of cambidge in fact. When i left goodwill i had it set in ind that i must begin to try something new I was shocked to hear it was closed down. and to see it gone it was like a slap on the face it woke me up to how real it was i was in cambridge from sept 30th and i left 19th and in that ime i came to cambridge to see what hase changed last time i was there in menny year.

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