What better way to spend a snowy, slushy, Saturday afternoonIMG_7603 than in a cozy pub sharing music! Although it has been running for over half a dozen years, I had never heard of the open mic at Mackenzie’s, just across from High Park, until I saw the post on Open Mic Jamming.

There are several rotating hosts for this weekly open mic.  This is something I have noticed more and more – sharing the position of host. Musicians who have gigs or other competing obligations might find it hard to commit to a weekly event and this is a solution that allows the music to continue.  This week’s host was Michael Menegon who doubled as soundman – and also perfomer. Covers, originals and collaborations all came to the stage.

IMG_7605 IMG_7611


IMG_7607My companions on this adventure (thanks G, N & L) sampled the menu and gave it the stamp of approval: delicious hot chocolate, poutine, flatbread with goat cheese, as well as many offerings on tap.

Since there were no other ukuleles in evidence I made sure to play mine, declaring that no open mic was complete without a ukulele. I even got to debut a new song written for the SAC Songwriting Challenge so that was extra fun.


[Mackenzie’s, 1982 Bloor Street West, Toronto; Saturdays 2-6pm; no cover]