Venue: Flying Ukes Night @ the Moonshine Café, Oakville

The Moonshine Café is known for showcasing live music and for offering many opportunities to share music (acoustic open stage, dinner & jam, songwriter showcase). Once a month there is a uke circle and, being a uke aficionado, I had to check it out.IMG_7262

As opposed to an open mic or jam, the uke circle is more of a social event than one focussed on performance. The Flying Uke songbooks (I was immediately loaned a set) allow everyone to join in as they provide lyrics, chords and chord diagrams for any new chords players might encounter. This is a great place for beginners to challenge themselves to keep up with a group tempo.

IMG_7265  IMG_7269

Each person, whether playing or just singing, has a turn to choose the song, and signals to the group when they are ready to start with a few plinks on Charlotte, a toy piano. Charlotte makes her way around the circle so that it’s clear whose turn it is. This format makes the event very inclusive the and the group is relaxed and welcoming.

IMG_7270Host and facilitator, Monique of the Flying Ukes, had her work cut out for her as the enthusiasm of the group sometimes made it hard to rein them in, start together, play together, etc. But when we did come together we pulled off some fun ensemble work. “Another one for the bus!” was one response to a good sounding song. Attendance can range from 6-10 players to the 25-30 exuberant participants of this week. Usually on the first Sunday of the month, check the Flying Ukes FB page for schedule changes (like this month) due to events or long weekends. No cover but you are encouraged to buy a drink/snack as a thanks to the Moonshine Café for hosting the uke circle.

[Flying Ukes Night, Moonshine Café, 137 Kerr Street, Oakville; 1st Sunday of month (usually), 7-11 pm]


  1. Monique Wood

    Hey Julie!! It was so cool to meet you at the Flying Ukes Club Sunday night. What a great website you have!
    John and Jane of the Moonshine have been so supportive of our group..The Moonshine is a wonderful venue for music and musicians of all kinds..
    My co-facilitator, Maria Bell spear headed the Flying Ukes…It was her ideas, efforts, hard work and unstoppable energy that got the Flying Ukes flying!!!!..:)
    Flying Ukes would not exist if it wasn’t for the Moonshine and Maria…
    Thanks so much for the write up..I hope we see you again in the near future!!
    Uke on!!!

  2. Maria Bell

    Hi Julie

    Thanks so much for this wonderful write up – super cool!
    Please join us again – it was sooooo nice to meet you!


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