Unsung heroes

This month I’d like you to think of someone who really makes a difference at a shared music event.  It could be someone who works mostly behind the scenes making the gathering possible, or someone who always finds a way to support and encourage fellow musicians.  Or it could be that person with the sense of humour you can always count on to crack everyone up.   Here is your chance to celebrate someone without whom your song circle or open stage would just not be what it is.


  1. Tricia D. Brubacher

    Excellent point, Julie! Rob Morris is wonderful (:

  2. Peter Mandic

    I cannot think of anyone more worthy for his tireless commitment to our community’s music than Terry Golletz. As the host of the Fergus Tuesday Night Jam for the past ten years, Terry has gracefully welcomed all newcomers. Playing his mandolin along with even the most demanding songs, he creates a warm inclusiveness at the Tuesday Night Jam. He is not shy to encourage and gives freely of his time to advance music in our community. A prime example would be his hosting duties on Cogeco TV’s Spotlight which showcased twelve local songwriters, and also his steady involvement with Mary Vandermarel’s musical visits with her team to the area’s retirement facilities. Terry, I take my hat off to you.

  3. Julie

    Yes – the photo gives away who I was thinking of. Rob Morris is the one we all depend on to make the Elora Acoustic Café sound as good as it does. Plugging us in, balancing the sound, adjusting our mics – not to mention the set up and tear down – and he does it all with a sense of humour. A guitar playing force in his own right, he has preferred this role to centre stage – and we thank you, Rob!

  4. Gil Anderson

    Rob and I used to perform together in South Africa. Sometimes as a duo and sometimes part of a trio. Its wonderful to see him gets such aknowledgement from his fellow musicians and music-lovers. His comittment to everything he does has always been an inspiration to me and its good to see that the Elora Acoustic Cafe gets to experience this too. Well done, Rob. (A Drug-store Truck-drivin’ Man)
    ‘Fingers’ Gil Anderson

  5. Nick Gush

    Also a big ‘hat’s off’ to Rob for his excellent ears at the Acoustic Cafe. Without him we all wouldnt sound as good. Thank you, Rob

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