The Best Sing Along Song

It can be the highlight of the evening – when the person leading a song or at the mic brings out a song that resonates with everyone.  Whether it is a call and response or an easy to learn chorus, something about the song draws people – performers and listeners alike – to join in the spontaneous choral event. What is your favourite sing along number?  It could be one you like to lead or one to which you have added your voice.  Share the title, the lyrics, or even a link to somewhere we can hear it.


  1. Claire McElhinney


  2. Peter Balka

    It’s hard to name a single song, as good sing along songs depend on the atmosphere and mood of the group. Some songs make for a great sing along at some times and fall flat on other occasions. Others just seem to come to life in the hands of the right musician (anyone who’s had the privilege of experiencing Ken Brown play ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’ on his upright bass will know what I’m talking about).
    That being said, I think a great sing along song is one that 1) brings instant recognition and a collective smile to the group when the first defining chord is struck; 2) can be played by musicians of all abilities, and; 3) works for any mood or occasion.

    So with this in mind, my nominee for the ‘best’ sing along song is

    Cover of the Rolling Stone (Dr. Hook).

    Here are a few others that come to mind that I like to play and/or sing along to when the time is right:

    Drift Away
    If I Had A Million Dollars
    Me and Bobby McGee
    Brown Eyed Girl
    City of New Orleans
    Navajo Rug
    Come a Little Bit Closer
    Who Put the Bomp

  3. Tricia Brubacher

    Here’s the beginning of my list…

    Hallelujah – Cohen’s
    Hey Jude
    All you need is love
    I can’t get no satisfaction

  4. Genny

    Dating waaaaay back to the campfires at Camp Couchiching, I’d say it has to be Wonderwall by Oasis.

    Also, Don’t Stop Believing is really fun off-key and in big groups 🙂

  5. Julie

    I Shall Be Released by the Band

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