Take the Mic: Favourite Campfire Songs

For me, Canadian summers will always be linked to campfires: in the backyard, by the lake, at Centre Island. Our township has announced a fire ban due to the lack of rain and resulting crispy dryness of the grasses and trees around us. But I’d like us to keep the summer campfire idea alive by sharing our favourite campfire songs. Post a comment below with a silly song, a soulful one, or maybe that one  that always gets everybody singing along.



  1. Tom eh

    Not being a singer, here are the “best of” as heard around the campfire.

    Joni Mitchell’s Circle Song

    Stan Rodger’s Barret’s Privateers with harmonies as the East was starting to glow and the West still had stars shining in the wee hours of the morning at Ireland’s annual August lawn party in Cordova Mines.

    All early Lightfoot with If I could read your mind, at the top.

    Happy campfire singing and picking.

  2. Julie

    I remember belting out the chorus to Last Kiss at camp – before Pearl Jam band members had reached adolescence – big bonfire, camp director Phil on 12 string guitar. “Oh where oh where can my baby be…”

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