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Wordfest: Of Poets and Storytellers

After my first experience of Wordfest at the Elora Centre for the Arts I couldn’t wait for it to come around again. Combining poetry, story-telling and performance art, this event, hosted by Donna McCaw, celebrates the spoken word. Personal and poignant to rib tickling cleverness, each performer brought their own voice, their own style to the room.



Like any open mic, one of the fun aspects of Wordfest is that you don’t know whom you’ll be listening to until you are seated in the the old classroom waiting for the words – an adventure I highly recommend. With poetry and other writing for sale, you can take some of the evening home with you to revisit at your leisure.

[Wordfest, Elora Centre for the Arts, 75 Melville Street, Elora, twice/year, $6 cover, doors open @ 7 pm]

Sharing music

Time to stop lurking on-line and go public!  Post a story of a particularly great shared music experience – one that made you laugh or cry or just ponder how great it is to have public places to play music together.  Tell us about an unexpected or memorable collaboration, a first timer that blew everyone’s socks off, or maybe your own musical transition from private to public spaces.  Don’t be shy . . .