This Thursday, the Shepherd’s Pub in Elora saw many folks who wanted to sing and play, including some “off-duty” Elora Festival Singers demonstrating their vocal versatility and ability to layer beautiful harmonies. No sign up sheet – just make it known to Sarah, the warm and welcoming host, that you want to play and she’ll give you the nod when it is your turn and help you get plugged in. There is musical support for those who want it – bass and lead guitar players will sit in if you can give them a notion of the song. Likely also some volunteers on spoons and harp.

The room was loud and it was sometimes hard to tell if anyone was listening – but there was a definite appetite for singing. After the sound equipment was put away people were still playing and singing into the wee hours. Since my last visit to the Shepherd’s Pub open stage (see March 25th post) the venue has moved to an every-other-week format. The sound is set up between 8 & 9 but things tend to get rolling a little later.

[Shepherd’s Pub open stage, 8 Mill St W, Elora, every other Thursday 9-ish until late]