Shaman Ayerhart at the Eaglewood Open Stage

I love the Eaglewood Open Stage – unplugged, outside surrounded by rocks and trees, and very inclusive (read more about eaglewood this summer and last) . The host of the open stage is a big part of setting the tone for the event and  Shaman Ayerhart is one example of a wonderful host. He keeps the momentum going so everyone gets a chance to play and everyone feels welcome.Here is a clip from this summer’s open stage where our host shares one of his own songs – a little splash of summer as the weather gets colder:


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  1. Shaman

    Thanks Julie!

    Had great times jamming with you all at Eaglewood!
    I’m releasing a CD on Nov. 27 at Hugh’s Room, if you are interested in coming, check out my website! for more details!

    *Shameless plug; lol


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