Rich Burnett @ the Elora Acoustic Café

May 13th brought the Rich Burnett Trio to Elora. Along with his smooth voice and great songwriting, Rich brought with him Geordie Gordon (mandolin, electric guitar, piano) and Jesse Turton (stand-up bass) to round out the sound. The evening included cameo appearances by Ian Reid (for a Rich & Ian duet on “Two of Us”) and guitarist Nick Gush.

The open stage has built up so much momentum that some performers arrive d to the set list full. The line-up included new talent to share along with many loyal regulars. A special treat was Melissa Cameron and Ben Nudds performing some original tunes.


  1. Claire McElhinney

    That was an amazing night!!!! Loved it!

  2. Nick Gush

    Definitely one of my favorite Cafes. Rich is such a great songwriter and player.Always looking forward to the next one.N.

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