Ready to launch!

I figured there would be a few things I would want to pull together to start my adventure:  1) A good set list – a few songs I feel confident playing outside of the cocoon of my familiar musical friendships; 2) Research – to start building a list of “open musical spaces”, song circles, jams, folk clubs and open stages.  I envision this step snowballing as I visit more venues; 3) On-line interactive presence – steep learning curve here but Nardo has definitely tutored me well making this website work for me; and, 4) A buddy system – always great to have someone join me whenever possible, whether around the corner or on a road trip, to bounce off ideas and first impressions.  More learning as I go, I am sure, but I’m ready to engage!   For June, setting my sights on Elora, Ottawa and a little hamlet north of Barrie.

Please send me your suggestions for places to play!


  1. molly

    congrats julie – looks like a lot of thought & work (&fun) went into this new site – i like your ‘vintage’ visuals of the instruments & the coloured mini detail echoing it – and the cool treble clef ‘O’ for OSA – happy adventures!
    molly 🙂

  2. Bill Heffernan

    Hey Julie,
    Great idea–impressive start! The Saturday Sessions at the Gate 403 ( 403 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto ) don’t really qualify as an Open Stage, however many of those who drop in to listen and oft times play are seasoned veterans of the Toronto Open Stage fraternity.So I will alert them to your very attractive Open Stage Adventure site in the hope that this will help propel your initiative to great heights. Great to see you, albeit briefly, recently.

    Bill Heffernan
    Host & Founder of the Saturday Sessions

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