It was a good weekend for banishing cars!  On the heels of Supercrawl I visited Open Streets in uptown Waterloo. Once a month from June to September the city closes of several blocks of King Street and makes it available for play and community networking.   I saw demonstrations of roller derby, rope boards (think skateboard on a swing), martial arts, and rugby. Many local businesses and services were set up to meet and greet. There was room for hula hoops, kids on bikes, and chalk messages on the road.

Best of all – lots of music.  Buskers stretched all up and down King Street ranging from trombone duets to bluegrass trios. Not exactly an open stage or jam but a great opportunity to hear and share music in a public space. I particularly enjoyed hearing 3 sevenths of the band Love Banshee.



Car free Sunday afternoons – what a great idea! I hope to see it return next year.