Magnolia Café, Guelph ON

There are venues I visit when I’m feeling adventurous and want to check out somewhere new. And there are venues that I want to visit over and over again. The Tuesday night open mic at the Magnolia is one of those worthy of a return trip. The friendly atmosphere, the blend of familiar faces and new music, the yummy vegetarian food – all elements conspire to create a lovely way to spend an early evening in Guelph. This week there seemed to be quite a lot of youth talent showcased in the all-too-brief two hours.

IMG_6117  IMG_6116

If you haven’t dropped by yet, make sure you go early if you want a seat or a spot on the performer’s list.

[Magnolia Café, 88 Yarmouth Street, Guelph, Tuesday 7-9 pm, $2 cover – pay or play]


(Host Ian Reid working the soundboard)



  1. Arvi Gosmo

    Julie…I can’t thank you enough for creating this site. It’s fantastic! It’s very informative and creative. I hope to see you again at Magnolia soon with your lovely presence.
    Keep up the great work!
    Arvi and the Magnolia gang:)

  2. Eighth Street Orchestra

    oh, by the name alone the Magnolia has to go on our list of places to someday be, but here’s another related question for you: are there any open stages in the Guelph/Cambridge area that might appreciate a 5 piece family trad jazz band that totally wow’ed them at the Kitch Bar in Toronto? We’ve been asked to play for the TEDx on Nov 23rd and will be done there by 5pm, so we were wondering what we might do after the show.

    Any open mic venues on a late November Saturday night?

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