IWD at the Tuesday night jam, Fergus

One of the nice things about returning to a particular jam regularly is that others will become familiar with your music and add more layers to it. This week was an example – with an amusing little twist. When I walked into the Tuesday night jam at Delainey’s this week I couldn’t help notice that I was the only female musician in the place. Of course, I thought, it’s International Women’s Day and there are events celebrating women happening at other venues in and around town. When it came my turn to play, I played one of my own songs and my musician friends joined in. I have to say, it was a special IWD moment for me to have a room full of male voices belting out the chorus: “I’m not a diamond ring kind of girl – no – no – no. . .” Loved it!

I do!

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  1. Genny

    That sounds great!! In Genoa for international women’s day, people wandered around selling mimosas, these little yellow delicious-smelling flowers. Apparently it’s custom for men to buy them for the women in their families on international women’s day. I think I like your way of honouring it better though 🙂

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