Favourite venues

What is your favourite venue or event for sharing music?  If you want to invite others to join in make sure you include details like when and where!


  1. Tricia D. Brubacher

    I’ve been going to a wonderful Ukulele jam in Toronto, called Corktown Uke Jam.
    Last night, me and my mom got up and performed “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zandt. I had planned on performing my new Blues song, but when we showed up they announced that one of the host’s, Steve McNie, had recently gotten married… so, the music theme for the night was love and marriage.
    It’s always a packed house, 65-75 ukes in one room, with a workshop for the first hour(hosted by Steve McNie), and the second part(hosted by David Newland) a line-up of performers that all sign up ahead of time online.
    The feeling of the crowd reminds me of folk festivals, it’s very warm, welcoming and cheerful.
    It takes place every Wednesday night at the Dominion on Queen St. The first Wednesday of the month is a bigger affair, we move out of our room and take over the whole pub.
    The level of talent and experience is diverse amoungst the players, and whether you’re performing on your own or playing as a part of an orchestra, it’s incredibly fun!
    Highly recommend!

  2. Julie

    I hope to get to one of these uke jams – sounds like quite the phenomenon. I wonder if I could borrow a uke for the occasion to participate in the workshop part of it.

  3. leonard Croxen

    I was one of the first, if not the first act that played at lola Pub when it was Kim’s Cafe back in 1991.
    Me and Ernest Lee. Mr. Kim owned Kim’s Cafe and still owns Lola Pub> Leasing it! Sugar-Plum Croxen.

    I had lots of fun there playing with different musicians> jimbo, Chris Hope, Johnny Bootz, Tom Detario, Chris Lord from the band “Box full Of Cash”, Ted Rusk, Ursala Hickey etc. It’s a cool little Pub. I go there all-the-time when I’m in Toronto city. lots of my friends hang there.
    Peace and love to the pub

    Even Artist>Late Tim Redford, hung out at Kim’s/Lola.

    [email protected]

  4. Sugar Plum Croxen%


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