Competitive Songwriting- continued

So – I did it!  I took my earnest songs about growing up, loving and changing and put them centre stage for adjudication. Straying from the path that led me back to singing – the one where music is for fun – I signed up to compete against other songwriters. Seemed counter-intuitive even in December when I registered with RJ Entertainment but, as I asserted in a previous post, it was a new forum for my songs and a personal challenge for myself.

Well – the judges did not grace me with their seal of approval. The songwriters that were chosen to go on (Don Sawchuk and duo Doug Roach & Laura Hasler) are talented, confident and energetic performers: I wish them luck in the semi-finals.

I still like my songs – just the way they are. I am grateful to my fellow songwriters and friends that came out to support me for their encouragement and kind words.  Most of all, I want to thank Pete and Trish for the friendship and vocal harmonies they shared to make those songs all they can be. I look forward to many more hours of music-just-for-the-fun-of-it.


  1. Tricia Brubacher

    I love your songs just the way they are too ( :

    (I also think if there had been a bathroom recording, maybe things would have turned out differently… we sound so great in the john!)


  2. Claire McElhinney

    I loved your performance that night and the dynamic trio energy. Sigh…
    I also love your positive and inspiring attitude, Julie.

  3. Don Sawchuk

    Hi Julie, Nice commentary. Thanks for wishing me well. I was hoping for you and your vocal harmonies. I truely enjoyed your songs and the vibe created from them. Hope to hear you again soon. God bless you and your music, Don.

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