This week’s challenge: A song featuring Love, Lust, Hate, Danger for a new TV series based on Lizzie Borden. The musical examples provided were funky, often stripped down and simple yet haunting. I tried to go for a subtle and sinister feel with my song Darkness.

Every week I seem to learn something, yet not the thing I thought I was going to learn. Based on some great advice from fellow song challenger Michael Hay I found myself an audio interface for recording with garage band. Still not studio quality but eons away from the last song where I sounded like I was down a deep well with walls made of tin. After posting a first draft I followed some advice from song challenge coach Debra Alexander (some of which was echoed by James Linderman). I slowed the pace and moved the pulse of the song from the chords in the treble to the bass. Even those small differences changed the feel of the song.

Would love to play and polish it some more, but onto the next – and final – challenge!