This week Lily Cheng (SAC Social Media rep) asked – “do you feel creatively drained or revved up wanting more”?

I feel it was a little like childbirth – definitely worth it but very glad it’s over! I’m looking forward to returning to a low pressure musical environment. I don’t mind drafting a song in a week. A whole song might come in an hour! But then I like to sit with it for a while, sing it in the car, rewrite it, add harmonies, get comfortable with it, before I would say it is finished. Once the challenge is over I may take a step back do just that with some of the songs I have drafted in the past 6 weeks.

I wrote a Christmas song a couple of years ago that, for me, captured the spirit of the season. I wasn’t sure I had another one in me but then I thought I’d try something different. For this challenge, I decided to write a holiday song without using the word Christmas. It is sung by someone who is pining for another person and can only think of all the Christmas symbols and traditions they won’t be enjoying, a kind of “Blue Christmas” feel to it. The temperatures the past few days have been in keeping with a Christmas-themed song – cold and snowy. I’ll submit a sketch of the song this week but hope to build on it between now and December.