Demonstrating my early interest in music

I am a singer-songwriter living in southwestern Ontario. After a youth filled with piano lessons, recitals, choir practices and conservatory exams, I more or less shelved music to follow other paths. Still a music lover, I attended folk festivals, sang lullabies to my babies and harmonized with songs on the radio.

Three children and several moves later we found ourselves in a small town where I immersed myself in a rewarding yet demanding career as a midwife. Friends of mine (thanks Jennifer & Don) urged me to come out to a music jam session in Fergus, Ontario.  Music became a creative outlet, an instrument for providing balance to my life, and I have been singing, playing, writing and recording ever since.  In addition to visiting open mic & song circles wherever I can, I play washboard, ukulele and harmonize with my trio Callisto.

Welcome to the ongoing adventure!

You can contact me at [email protected].IMG_4188