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Challenge #4: Write a Country Song

Write a country song for a young man – no mention of wife, kids, or “bro country”- yet another character stretch for my writing mind. I tried to stay away from the moonlight-trucks-drinking-sugar shaker themes but I do have one reference to a country road. The hero of my song knows he’s more than the brand he drives or drinks. I’d kind of like to meet him…IMG_6153

This week the pressure of the songwriting challenge got to me. How can I possibly create a new song, in a genre new to me, polish it enough so that it is performance ready and somehow record a decent version fit for public consumption in one week? My answer for this week: apparently I can’t. I got the song written by Saturday night, practised and recorded a rough version on Sunday. But a rough version is all I can do this time around. A full workday coupled with technology stumbling blocks means there is no time left to improve on it. So – I offer it for feedback from my fellow songwriters, shelve it for later consideration, take a deep breath and get ready for Monday’s new challenge.

Challenge #3: Write a Song for Advertising

Another challenge that was totally out of my usual experience of music: Write a song for advertising that is “childlike, light and playful”.

Yay for co-writers! The songwriting part of this challenge was a breeze – thanks to Todd Wandio (the most fun I’ve had on Skype in while). Todd & I bounced ideas off each other, divided up the parts we worked on and came up with the 60 second song we were looking for. The real challenge for me became the logistics and technology – recording our ideas separately over 3000 km apart and across three time zones, updating software so it was compatible, figuring out how to share such large files. But we did it!

One big thing I’ve realized about this songwriting challenge is that the challenge doesn’t all lie in the songwriting itself. I’m learning a lot about tools I can us to facilitate writing, collaboration and recording. I am actively listening for specific musical characteristics that makes a song work (or not). This week’s learning curve successfully climbed – ready for the next challenge!

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