Cornerstone boardI have been to the Cornerstone Café for the popular and boisterous Cornerstone Campfire (last one of this season is April 20th) and was curious about the new open mic that has started on Monday nights.

Hosted by the sweet-voiced Patrick McCauley (think Paul Simon from S&G days), the open mic doesn’t yet draw the crowd that the campfires do.Patrick

Considering how much ambient noise there is to compete with (exuberant conversations, mostly) the patrons are appreciative of the live music coming their way and the sound quality is good. At one point we had a whole table waving their arms in the air to the slow rhythm of a Leonard Cohen classic.


Each act has time for 4 songs, although I imagine this might change as more musicians show up to play.

IMG_6914 IMG_6911 IMG_6913

This venue brings Guelph a step closer to having a participatory music event every night of the week!

(Cornerstone Open Mic, Night 1 Wyndham St Guelph, every Monday 9pm, – 12am)