There are venues I visit when I’m feeling adventurous and want to check out somewhere new. And there are venues that I want to visit over and over again. The Tuesday night open mic at the Magnolia is one of those worthy of a return trip. The friendly atmosphere, the blend of familiar faces and new music, the yummy vegetarian food – all elements conspire to create a lovely way to spend an early evening in Guelph. This week there seemed to be quite a lot of youth talent showcased in the all-too-brief two hours.

IMG_6117  IMG_6116

If you haven’t dropped by yet, make sure you go early if you want a seat or a spot on the performer’s list.

[Magnolia Café, 88 Yarmouth Street, Guelph, Tuesday 7-9 pm, $2 cover – pay or play]


(Host Ian Reid working the soundboard)