Month: February 2011

Competitive Songwriting- continued

So – I did it!  I took my earnest songs about growing up, loving and changing and put them centre stage for adjudication. Straying from the path that led me back to singing – the one where music is for fun – I signed up to compete against other songwriters. Seemed counter-intuitive even in December when I registered with RJ Entertainment but, as I asserted in a previous post, it was a new forum for my songs and a personal challenge for myself.

Well – the judges did not grace me with their seal of approval. The songwriters that were chosen to go on (Don Sawchuk and duo Doug Roach & Laura Hasler) are talented, confident and energetic performers: I wish them luck in the semi-finals.

I still like my songs – just the way they are. I am grateful to my fellow songwriters and friends that came out to support me for their encouragement and kind words.  Most of all, I want to thank Pete and Trish for the friendship and vocal harmonies they shared to make those songs all they can be. I look forward to many more hours of music-just-for-the-fun-of-it.

The Best Sing Along Song

It can be the highlight of the evening – when the person leading a song or at the mic brings out a song that resonates with everyone.  Whether it is a call and response or an easy to learn chorus, something about the song draws people – performers and listeners alike – to join in the spontaneous choral event. What is your favourite sing along number?  It could be one you like to lead or one to which you have added your voice.  Share the title, the lyrics, or even a link to somewhere we can hear it.