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Venue: Open Mic @Ram in the Rye, Toronto

IMG_7789In many ways this event has a very familiar format: an evening at the pub, 2-3 songs each, lots of variety. But there are some things that make this jam unique. Hosted by the award-winning student group Musicians at Ryerson (M@R), house instruments (guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass, djembe) are provided to allow you to take part even if you don’t have an instrument. Despite having to compete with the background pub noise, there is a core group that is there to listen and especially to encourage any reticent or first-time participants.

M@R1 IMG_7806

.IMG_7813 M@R2 IMG_7823 IMG_7814

In addition to the open mic, the M@R team has hosted free guitar and ukulele workshops , open outdoor jams, a darkness concert, battle of the bands and campus concerts. There is a directory to help students find musical collaborators. When a musician leaves home for university, they may be leaving behind their choir, their band or their friends they can count on for a jam. Affectionately called “Ryerson’s unofficial music program”, M@R has created a musical home away from home where people can connect through music.

Thank you to the M@R crew for sharing their talent and for making me feel so welcome!


[Ram in the Rye, 63 Gould Street, Wednesdays 8-11pm, no cover, licensed – Check  FB page for updates]


Open Mic at the Magic Oven, Toronto ON

IMG_7698This open mic is a story of resilience. Arlene Levin started an open mic at Reba’s on Dundas Street West about 6 years ago. When the place sold the musicians looked for a new home; they tried a few places that just didn’t work out. According to Boris, a regular participant, “several incarnations later” they ended up at the Magic Oven and have been here for just over a year. It seems to be a good fit with food and drink available downstairs (healthy pizza with veggie, vegan, chicken and meat options) while the event has a whole room upstairs just for music.

This event has a family feel to it, even more on this lovely May day since it was Arlene Levin’s birthday and her friends surprised her with birthday cake and pizza. There is a rotating roster of hosts – when I visited it was the very congenial and welcoming Philomene Hoffman at the helm.

IMG_7703 IMG_7701 IMG_7699


The sign up list was overflowing so I would recommend showing up early if you want a spot to play. And be prepared to share with folks outside the venue. Soundman Roy doubles as a StreetJelly broadcaster.

You can find pics from the open mic and announcements of upcoming events on the group’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yorjunctionopenmic/

[Magic Oven 347 Keele Street, Toronto; Saturdays 2-6 pm; licensed, no cover]

Venue: Corktown Ukulele Jam at The Paintbox Bistro, Toronto ON

Paintbox sign1It’s been a while since I visited Toronto’s beloved uke jam. Going strong for over 6 years now, the jam has recently moved to the Paintbox Bistro which seems to suit the event well. (This venue is an interesting venture in itself.) A clear wall separates the front of the café from the performance space so that it still feels like a part of the café but ambient sound of non-music-loving patrons, cash register, etc is blocked. And the food is good – worth having dinner there before the music starts.

The workshop portion of the evening is still lead by the dauntless Steve McNie. This particular evening the whole group participated in a kind of sound experiment that included rhythm (“the New York strum”), harmony and cameos from some stellar regulars at the jam. It was a “you had to be there” moment – really fun.

The open stage was hosted by Brendan O’Malley. I did pluck up my courage to sing an original, supported by the “A-list” musicians on stage (Richard Bales & David Olson), teased by the host that in doing so I was slightly cheating : ) Since the open mic requires performers to sign up on-line in advance, it makes it harder to chicken out at the last minute. This is more of a commitment than most open mics which might contribute to the quality of the performances.

The third portion of the evening was the group jam. This is a great place to pick up new techniques as well as new chords or alternate voicings of the old chords you already use.

Paintbox uke jam

One thing I like about this event is there are access points for participation of all levels of players. Beginner? Join in the group jam with help from Steve and the chord charts displayed on the front screen. No pressure – pull back when you’re lost, join back in when you’re able. Proficient? Bring your best to the open stage. Somewhere in between? Always something new to learn – new repertoire, theory, technique. If you want a little primer to get started visit the Toronto Ukes website.

Is this inclusive character the secret of the Uke Jam’s success? It could be the passion that host and uke aficionado Steve McNie brings to the group. There is also a sense of community. Folks here embark on music-themed adventures that go beyond the Wednesday night jam, from concerts to uke infused yoga sessions. There is a sense of mutual support and appreciation that makes it a safe place to explore, express and have fun.

[Corktown Ukulele Jam, The Paintbox Bistro 550 Dundas Street East, Toronto; every Wednesday; workshop 8-9:30 pm followed by open stage and group jam; $6 cover for workshop; $3 cover for theme night open stage first Wednesday of the month]


Venue: Mackenzie’s, Toronto ON

What better way to spend a snowy, slushy, Saturday afternoonIMG_7603 than in a cozy pub sharing music! Although it has been running for over half a dozen years, I had never heard of the open mic at Mackenzie’s, just across from High Park, until I saw the post on Open Mic Jamming.

There are several rotating hosts for this weekly open mic.  This is something I have noticed more and more – sharing the position of host. Musicians who have gigs or other competing obligations might find it hard to commit to a weekly event and this is a solution that allows the music to continue.  This week’s host was Michael Menegon who doubled as soundman – and also perfomer. Covers, originals and collaborations all came to the stage.

IMG_7605 IMG_7611


IMG_7607My companions on this adventure (thanks G, N & L) sampled the menu and gave it the stamp of approval: delicious hot chocolate, poutine, flatbread with goat cheese, as well as many offerings on tap.

Since there were no other ukuleles in evidence I made sure to play mine, declaring that no open mic was complete without a ukulele. I even got to debut a new song written for the SAC Songwriting Challenge so that was extra fun.


[Mackenzie’s, 1982 Bloor Street West, Toronto; Saturdays 2-6pm; no cover]

Venue: Tinderbox Thursday @ Revolucion, Toronto

IMG_7231Nestled in the heart of the Junction, La Revolucion has been serving delicious Mexican food for 4 years now, but I happened to visit on the first night of a new open mic event, affectionately named “Tinderbox” by owner Indira Cadena. It was a pretty quiet night (total of three performers) but this allowed Indira herself to step out from behind the bar and grace us with a couple of old standards at the piano.

IMG_7242  IMG_7233

Host Michael Keith has been playing music in the west end for some time. I had the honour of being the first – inaugural, as I described it – open mic guest. Since there was time to play, Michael joined me on stage to add guitar leads to my original songs – I just love that kind of spontaneous collaboration!


The vision for Tinderbox Thursday nights is that people will bring music, spoken word, poetry, dance, comedy – a cabaret style event where people share their creative endeavours.

[La Revolucion, 2848 Dundas St W, Toronto; every Thursday 8-11 pm; no cover]


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