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The Best Sing Along Song

It can be the highlight of the evening – when the person leading a song or at the mic brings out a song that resonates with everyone.  Whether it is a call and response or an easy to learn chorus, something about the song draws people – performers and listeners alike – to join in the spontaneous choral event. What is your favourite sing along number?  It could be one you like to lead or one to which you have added your voice.  Share the title, the lyrics, or even a link to somewhere we can hear it.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas carol sing is a long standing song circle tradition: everyone expected to join in (even if you only know chorus and some of the words to the first verse), inside, outdoors, meticulously planned or spontaneous outburst, accompanied by an organ, school band or a cappella, often with the promise of sweets and warming libations afterwards.  The Elora Festival Singers performed their annual Festival of Carols which combines performance pieces with audience participation numbers.  The small venue (St. John’s Anglican Church), wonderful acoustics, and exquisite voices made me feel as though I was hovering just over my seat, somewhere in the air where the voices mingled then poured over our ears.  Unbelievable experience!

What was your favourite seasonal song this year?  A traditional carol with a new twist?  A modern Christmas ballad?

To end the year off here is a sweet Christmas song for you:

Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz

Whatever your religious or spiritual persuasion I hope you took the opportunity to raise your voice in song or otherwise delighted by aural pleasure.  Looking forward to more musical adventures in 2011!

Unsung heroes

This month I’d like you to think of someone who really makes a difference at a shared music event.  It could be someone who works mostly behind the scenes making the gathering possible, or someone who always finds a way to support and encourage fellow musicians.  Or it could be that person with the sense of humour you can always count on to crack everyone up.   Here is your chance to celebrate someone without whom your song circle or open stage would just not be what it is.

Sharing music

Time to stop lurking on-line and go public!  Post a story of a particularly great shared music experience – one that made you laugh or cry or just ponder how great it is to have public places to play music together.  Tell us about an unexpected or memorable collaboration, a first timer that blew everyone’s socks off, or maybe your own musical transition from private to public spaces.  Don’t be shy . . .

Favourite venues

What is your favourite venue or event for sharing music?  If you want to invite others to join in make sure you include details like when and where!

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